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Wave 15 is a competitive sales and marketing firm located in Tampa, Florida. Opening in April 2017 as requested by our clients, we act as a liaison for our clients by bridging the gap between them and their consumers. Wave 15 continues to grow our clients’ customer base and has expanded into multiple locations across the country, including Knoxville, Dallas, and Augusta. We represent their brand on a personal, face-to face-level.

The team at Wave 15 is dynamic, growing, energetic, and solution-focused. We built our firm on the idea that a goal is always right in front of us but it is never attainable. Why? Because every time we achieve our goal, we move the target; we never risk the “I have arrived” mentality.

Wave 15 believes in putting our people first. We offer 100% internal advancement opportunities and plan to expand into at least 2 new markets by the end of the year. We work with integrity and humility and refuse to lower our standards for sales numbers. Our diligence and commitment to excellence is why our clients trust outsourcing their marketing to our firm.

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