Introducing Casey Bommersbach: Wave15’s Newest Human Resources Recruiter

“In my short time with Wave 15, I’ve learned a lot,” says Bommersbach, “I have much more to learn, but I am ready to take on the challenge and have more responsibility. It can be hard to mount the hurdles that come with this career, but my manager and coworkers remind me that I am not alone.”

COVID-19 took a toll on businesses across every industry, sales and marketing included. That said, Wave 15 was impacted but unphased. While we stayed home, to protect ourselves and others, we continued planning, building, and growing. In the middle of the year’s most challenging period, we onboarded new team members who are sure to become assets in today’s new normal and beyond. One of those new team members is Casey Bommersbach, who joined the Wave 15 squad in June. The pandemic had put serious roadblocks in her career, ripping away any sense of job security; that is until she found the Wave 15 team. A Tampa native, Bommersbach felt a deep need to build a life for herself and her lovable pups. This career path, while unexpected for the young entrepreneur, brought Bommersbach a new sense of purpose. “I had no idea I would be doing this; when I was young, I wanted to be a doctor,” says Bommersbach, “after high school, I thought I would finish college and run off to nursing school to jump right into working. Things didn’t end up that way; I needed to work to pay for tuition and achieve my goals. I am still attending the University of South Florida today, and I hope to graduate soon, but I am delighted to be here.”

The same competitive edge that pushes people through medical and nursing school lives inside of Casey Bommersbach. “I am a very competitive person,” says Bommersbach, “I take pride in everything I do. I was involved in a lot of sports growing up. It taught me positive competition and how to make sure I am always doing my best. I bring that positive attitude into work each day, and I make sure that every employee at Wave 15 is thinking positively about their futures.”

What is it that keeps Casey coming back? What is it about this industry that has changed her entire career trajectory? “My favorite part about working in the business industry is the constant connection with people,” says Bommersbach, “I love being able to talk and learn the stories of others. I am motivated by my vision of the future I will achieve. I want to have a home, a family, and a life free of debt. I want to continue working at a place that I am excited to go to each morning.”

In the next five years, Casey Bommersbach is destined to blaze trails and break records at Wave 15, and in her free time, she will continue to be the most incredible dog mom the world has ever seen. What does success mean to her, and how can you find it? “For me, success means being happy,” says Bommersbach, “you should always challenge yourself and avoid complacency. Get out of your way, and work each day to improve your life. Some people might stand in your way, and you may feel down some days, but know that you are worth it and you deserve happiness.”

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