Meet Our Newest Recruiter: Caroline Forester

Wave 15 in Tampa, FL, is taking a moment to appreciate the people that keep us motivated each day. One of those team members named Caroline Forester, our Human Resources Recruiter, has been a treasured addition to our work dynamic, inspiring her colleagues, building a strong team from the bottom up, and showing incredible work ethic each day.

Born and raised in Michigan, Forester remembers her childhood as an active one- always running around outside and playing sports with her brothers. Competitive from the start, it seems that Forester was meant for this career. “Constantly playing sports helped develop me into a competitive person,” says Forester, “I went on to play collegiate lacrosse, and as a child, I dreamt of becoming an Olympic ski racer. I truly had no idea I would end up here, but I am glad I did.”

Great entrepreneurs always come in with a slew of personal experiences that have shaped and influenced them. “I played collegiate lacrosse, so most of my college experience involved spending time with my teammates,” says Forester. “Team nights always remind me of those days. Another factor that has shaped me has been my opportunity to travel.”

As a natural listener, Caroline’s greatest strength in the industry is her ability to connect with recruits, interviews, and potential employees genuinely. “I love that this industry is so connected,” says Forester, “when I started here, I noticed how close everyone was and how energetic and happy my coworkers were to be here, and I loved it. I have great memories of playing games with the team during lunch for a nice little break in the day.”

While she’s grown out of her lacrosse days, Caroline Forester will never lose her competitive drive. This past year, she went on to inspire us further by running in the highly competitive and elite New York City Marathon! “The training was incredibly hard, but I had to stay consistent to succeed,” says Forester.

In the next five years, Caroline is sure to inspire countless young entrepreneurs and finish a handful of marathons. “My goal is to manage a team of people and continue doing work that I am passionate about,” says Forester. As a recruiter at Wave 15, she has sound advice for young business leaders: show strong drive, be eager to make money, and be yourself. Make your resume stand out in a way, and don’t forget to breathe.

Fun fact about Caroline: she’s a twin!


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