The 3 Foundations of Success

By Stephen Frost

Success comes so easily, when you know how to get it. For so long, I placed ultimate value in what my teachers at school taught me. Learn all these subjects, fit in, be the same as everyone else, and then you will succeed in life. It never rang true with me, I never felt I fit in, and the nightmare of being bullied on a daily basis did little to help. I never felt that school was a good place for me, I was bored and saw little value in what many teachers said. There were a few that inspired me, though they were the ones who were supportive of being myself, and following my beliefs in life.

As life flowed further on, with various challenges, dreams coming and going, some being shredded with various life events, others being surpassed in an incredible way. All of which raised my level of intrigue with how I could achieve successful results in such incredible ways, yet fail so spectacularly in others. Where was the sense in all this success, or lack of it? How could I ensure that I actually achieved success on a regular basis? And really achieve consistent results in the way I wanted.

Find the 3 foundations of success HERE!

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